Global Visionaries

Global Visionaries (GV) empowers youth from diverse socio-economic, ethnic, racial, and geographic backgrounds to become active leaders and global citizens who promote justice. Through socially conscious and environmentally focused education and community service in Seattle and abroad, and recognizing that youth need to work together to be the change for the future, GV encourages youth to seek alternative and innovative approaches to the problems facing their generation.

Global Visionaries (GV) is a 501c3 non-profit organization providing a leadership program to create global leaders. GV empowers and educates students by providing them with life-changing opportunities that instill a life-long ethic of service and philanthropy. GV’s goal is to fundamentally change the way in which youth approach the problems facing their generation. GV aims to inspire and create a generation of social entrepreneurs. Participants gain a new perspective of the world by understanding the importance of being engaged and informed U.S. citizens. Participants leave the program knowing that every action they take has a ripple affect on society and the world as a whole. The projects in which they work address global warming, human rights, racism, sexism, deforestation, and violence stemming from social injustice. GV’s programs also create solidarity between people who would not otherwise meet.

Through Global Visionaries, young people learn respect and acceptance of those different from them. This kind of education is critical for our democracy, a healthy global economy, and most importantly an integrated, peaceful co-existence in our own neighborhoods and in the international community.  GV intentionally brings together 50% of its participants from low-income families and 50% from middle/upper income families as well as students from many racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Participants learn experimentally as they work side by side in community development projects–projects that greatly impact communities both in Guatemala and in the United States.

I have personally participated in this program many times.  It has enriched my life to a degree I cannot describe and am very grateful for the opportunity.

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