Hostos Education Project (HEP)

Currently, the Dominican Republic’s educational system holds 6,784 overpopulated classrooms, 1,224 that function in donated spaces, 519 in rented spaces and 168 in improvised locations throughout the country. Furthermore, the number of schools that willingly seek out students with Autism is limited as well. With the creation of the Hostos Education Project, these statistics will diminish and the community at large both in the Dominican Republic and abroad will benefit. The Hostos Education Project, Inc. is committed to bringing quality, sustainable education to the Dominican Republic while conserving the environment and revolutionizing the education system with an innovative approach. Our model integrates important principles that build on one another to provide an education for children in under-served communities, including those children with autism and other special needs:

#1 Socially Responsible, Tolerant, Multilingual Global Citizens

#2 Ecological and Economic Conservation and Self-Sustainability

#3 Inclusive education for all children including students with autism and other special needs

#4 Educating children for future careers through individualized, creative, innovative, hands-on teaching

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