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Fighting to Educate: Mexican-American studies programs taught outside of schools

July 11, 2012


Oppression creates Innovation! Check out how Arizona educators continue to find ways of teaching the “banned” curriculum. A seguir adelante!! by NBCLatino Staff 11:17 am on 07/11/2012 School leaders are trying to keep Mexican-American studies programs alive in Tucson, Arizona. After an Arizona law banned classes in Tucson Unified School Districts, teachers and activist are now […]

Countering Dracula’s Wrath; How to Hide a Hickey

June 28, 2012


I never understood the reasoning behind playing Dracula and leaving someone with a mark in their neck- like a stamp saying someone's been here. Or better yet a signature along the lines of how dogs pee and mark their territory. Yes, I am talking about the good 'ol ... dun dun dun... HICKEY! I know what you're thinking, wasn't that back in the days when we were 14? Well, it became a topic of conversation between my best friend Leoansy and I (with supporting cast of my sister Ere), and we created a list that sums up how to hide a hickey if in fact you are even in this egregious predicament.

Careful with that Username, It’s a ‘Pre-Impression’

June 25, 2012


I have spent a lot of time recently on different social (not dating) sites, and I realized... usernames are totally part of that 'first impression factor' when meeting people, showcasing work, etc.. You might consider hearing the old adage, "first impression seals the deal," and to a certain degree I concur. If you're username is PushMyButtons83, there's a very slim chance I'm going to give you any time of day. We live in the digital age where people can meet on an online community, via email, or over the phone, and expand business or relationships. Regardless of the means, before you meet that person (if not through a mutual friend), there's always a log-in asking for your username/email...this is your 'pre-impression.'

“So Call Me, Maybe?” Jepsen has it all wrong

June 7, 2012


"So call me, maybe?" No, B*tch. If I give you my number, it's because you need to call me. I had to get real for a second, because that's exactly how I felt when the lyrics finally made sense to me. Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call me Maybe" is definitely one of those Top 40 songs you hear every hour if you're listening to the radio. I like the song, it's happy-go-lucky, and yeah I know the words. That's how I figured out this girl had it all wrong! ... Also, Link to related article on "Call Me Maybe Business Card Used to Pick Up Women" -Emilia

Running for a Change

May 27, 2012


I was coming out of a personal funk state and wanted to change… so I signed up for a half-marathon. It doesn’t make sense in a simple sentence but it does once you learn the story. Maybe one day I’ll write the full deal, it’s not really that interesting.  For now we’ll keep it at […]

Retirement Party for the Old You

April 14, 2012


Life isn’t easy, it’s a process.  With the highs come lows, and you know.  I’m sure you’ve experienced a heart ache or two before.  With sarcasm, I can say the last few months have not been the most delighted in the personal department.  I have no worries about the career, it seems to be making […]

HeartBeat: Train’s “Drive By”

April 12, 2012


When I heard this song on the radio I immediately felt more upbeat.  It’s got a jingle to it and some some songs just do that.  Although the lyrics don’t share the happiest tale, they are still somewhat positive.  It’s like I told my friend, it’s a song that can easily be the theme song […]

HeartBeat: “Somebody that I use to Know”

April 9, 2012


Music is a wonderful form of expression.  I love music, and I love lyrics.  I’m always fascinated when I find a song that really grabs not just my ear but my heart.  I fell in love with this song for its unique sound, but totally couldn’t stop from listening to it on repeat for its […]

I am Joaquin >>> Who is a Chicano? What is it the Chicanos Want?

April 5, 2012


I felt like getting back to my roots today and wanted to share some thoughts on the "Chicano" term I use to describe myself, if and when I don't use Mexican-American. Below you will find one of the most important literary works in the Chicano Movement of the 1960s, I am Joaquin. The poem illustrates the struggles of being faced with economic injustice and fighting for equal rights, simultaneously conveying the struggle in trying to find inclusion in a hybrid mestizo society. Below the poem there is an article, Who Is A Chicano? And What Is It the Chicanos Want? written by Ruben Salazar. I felt it would be a good juxtaposition to share both pieces together. The first with the fire of passion to brew the soul and another with a great take on trying to make sense of all the passion behind the loaded term “Chicano.”

The Price of Sugar

January 23, 2012


The Price of Sugar: This movie provides images to an unspoken reality plaguing the sugar cane industry in Dominican Republic. The living conditions on what are called Bateyes is appalling, striking and makes your stomach sink to the floor...but everyone should watch. One Haitian cane worker shares , "I'm not afraid [to die] because I believe there is no death worse than this. Living without equality and justice is like living in a tomb, it's Hell."