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Countering Dracula’s Wrath; How to Hide a Hickey

June 28, 2012


I never understood the reasoning behind playing Dracula and leaving someone with a mark in their neck- like a stamp saying someone's been here. Or better yet a signature along the lines of how dogs pee and mark their territory. Yes, I am talking about the good 'ol ... dun dun dun... HICKEY! I know what you're thinking, wasn't that back in the days when we were 14? Well, it became a topic of conversation between my best friend Leoansy and I (with supporting cast of my sister Ere), and we created a list that sums up how to hide a hickey if in fact you are even in this egregious predicament.

Movie: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

January 28, 2012


Month #1 is wrapping up, how are you doing on your new years resolution to get healthy, or lose weight, or bulk up? Chances are that commitment has wavered just a tad since that first day of the year. If your commitment is hindering, take a look at this video I came across on (you can watch it for free). The main narrator has a remarkable commitment, and you can see how his dramatic commitment has inspired others across America to get healthy. Take a look... Happy Growing|Slim! -Emilia

Preview: Ere’s Success Story

November 18, 2011


Check out Ere’s Success Story!! If you know Ere, she’s practical.  If it makes sense, she’s good to go.  As long as I can remember, she’s struggled with body acceptance.  She was always a little rounder, and skin visibly irritated.  Over the last couple months and weeks, I’ve seen Ere transform.  Her skin is glowing, and the pounds are falling.  I’m very […]

Food Matters Teaser

September 28, 2011


Food Matters, and that’s the truth. You are what you eat, and this sneak peak to the documentry does an amazing job of giving a new perspective to food and our future.  It will surely open your eyes.  You can buy it online, or watch it online through various networks.

Healthy Living

September 13, 2011


Healthy Living is our philosophy in balancing the three most important aspects about being healthy. Balancing these three components will provide you with natural energy, stronger immune system, physical strength, and longevity (to name a few). By living in harmony balancing three critical areas: Food Intake, Exercise, and Nutrition, we can achieve Healthy Living. What […]

Liver Stones

December 7, 2010


I’ve been procrastinating for 4 weeks on taking a cleanse.  The reality is, my lifestyle is full of late night meetings, dinning in NYC and sipping on cranberry splashed beverages (if you catch my drift).  Once the holidays come, its like there’s a reason to celebrate everyday!  My point is I’m never home and between […]