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Countering Dracula’s Wrath; How to Hide a Hickey

June 28, 2012


I never understood the reasoning behind playing Dracula and leaving someone with a mark in their neck- like a stamp saying someone's been here. Or better yet a signature along the lines of how dogs pee and mark their territory. Yes, I am talking about the good 'ol ... dun dun dun... HICKEY! I know what you're thinking, wasn't that back in the days when we were 14? Well, it became a topic of conversation between my best friend Leoansy and I (with supporting cast of my sister Ere), and we created a list that sums up how to hide a hickey if in fact you are even in this egregious predicament.

Careful with that Username, It’s a ‘Pre-Impression’

June 25, 2012


I have spent a lot of time recently on different social (not dating) sites, and I realized... usernames are totally part of that 'first impression factor' when meeting people, showcasing work, etc.. You might consider hearing the old adage, "first impression seals the deal," and to a certain degree I concur. If you're username is PushMyButtons83, there's a very slim chance I'm going to give you any time of day. We live in the digital age where people can meet on an online community, via email, or over the phone, and expand business or relationships. Regardless of the means, before you meet that person (if not through a mutual friend), there's always a log-in asking for your username/email...this is your 'pre-impression.'