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Growing | Slim was inspired by my willingness to write.  Yup… I like writing, talking, partying, hanging out… enjoying life.  It wasn’t always peachy.  I’ve struggled with accepting my body image for as long as I can remember.  I’ve always dreamed of one day waking up with a perfect tan and taking a run on the beach in a 2 piece bikini like in Baywatch.  How silly that may sound.  Coming from a true childhood Tom-Boy, being a girley girl was somewhat of a goal or an aspiration.  With a set of chicken legs and a doughnut around my waist, I was definitely not the Baywatch caliber.  With my soccer jerseys and baggy pants, I was also not the girl asked out on a date…ever!  After High-School, I started gaining weight.  I didn’t realize that leaving sports to study and work in the real-world would result in so much weight-gain.  I remember feeling my spirit grow darker and sadder with every extra pound I gained.  All these insecurities bread emotional imbalance, comparing, depression, and crying nights.  It wasn’t until my 20s I became fed up and realized I didn’t like the girl I’d become inside or out.  Thus I began my trek towards Growing|Slim.

Year’s have passed and I am NOT that girl anymore.  I have overcome many of the internal struggles that challenged me in my youth, and I have no problem being a little girley.  Instead of mopping in my negativity, I took control over my life: mind, body and soul.  I’ve developed into a woman with a penchant for writing, dancing, traveling, helping, laughing and keeping life in a positive momentum.  So Growing | Slim is my way of sharing with the world my process and showcasing tid-bits that I find contribute to a life well lived.  By Growing | Slim I am taking steps towards my goals, my dreams…walking away from all the makes me ‘fat’ and heavy…  Life is meant to be light, free, and open to what you will make of it.  Building what matters, and doing it well.

-Emilia Cerrillo

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