Careful with that Username, It’s a ‘Pre-Impression’

Posted on June 25, 2012


I have spent a lot of time recently on different social (not dating) sites, and I realized… usernames are totally part of that ‘first impression factor’ when meeting people, showcasing work, etc..  You might consider hearing the old adage, “first impression seals the deal,” and to a certain degree I concur.  If you’re username is PushMyButtons83, there’s a very slim chance I’m going to give you any time of day.  We live in the digital age where people can meet on an online community, via email, or over the phone, and expand business or relationships.  Regardless of the means, before you meet that person (if not through a mutual friend), there’s always a log-in asking for your username/email.

Seldom heard, are the stories of building business by going door to door cold-marketing and formally meeting people by pitching a product; a form that relies on a polished first impression.  So times change, and so must we.  Reflecting on my own life, everything I do is attached to the computer world:  banking, shopping, job, communication with family, business in other countries, and they all require a usernames login.  This username/email login has turned into a synonym for my name!  It’s now the “Pre-impression” to that first impression people will have of me when they see my profile online.

Part of this epiphany was inspired by outside influences, but I’ll attack myself first, I had some bad username/ email address logins.  Example:

  1.  I really thought I was cool then!
  2.  REALLLY!?
  3. EmiDice – old twitter handle, that I didn’t even use… so Emi ‘said’ nothing.
  4. – inspired by my travels to Latin America working with communities – clearly.
  5. LatinHeels – I think that was an MSN or AOL messenger name.
Here are others:
  1. Papichovs – God Complex anyone?
  2. – Keeping it classy in 2007
  3. prncss4someone- Desperate anyone?
  4. – Blood sucking animal, that’s great.
  5. EliteChalupa – no comment.

Would you answer a friend request from Chupacabras? EliteChalupa?  I don’t think so.

Regarding the personal department, long gone are the days of getting married with the person you knew growing up, your High School sweet heart or first love.   (Disclaimer: I’m all for it, it’s just not my story nor of anyone I know my age) Now more than ever people are finding their boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife online.  It is clearly a viable option, if you can tackle that ‘pre-impression’ off the bat.  Furthering into the process, I think dating/meeting people online is a double edged sword… it can either be simple or complicated.  If you’re trying to be someone that you’re not, you have so many areas to manage.  Yes, I said manage.  You have your image on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, Foursquare, Spotify, Instagram, even the clicks on “Likes,” it all has to be congruent with the act your trying to play.  Being fake is probably harder than just being yourself.   Now, if you’re secure with yourself,  your personality, intellect, interest and all of the above will be easily portrayed on your Facebook and beyond.  But that comes after the person is willing to even chat based on your username. ha!

I’m just throwing out a healthy reminder that the ‘username’ can give people a pre-impression into who you are, before they know anything further.  So don’t shoot yourself in the foot by calling yourself “DoubleDMami#1.”  You can always go the simple way and use the classic First-Name <Dot> Last Name or First-Name-Last-Name-Initial.  

It’s funny now, but when you don’t have call backs for a job, or business concept, or trying to get a date, it won’t be funny then.  Your ‘pre-impression’ might not have been up to par.

-Pura Sonrisa-


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