Running for a Change

Posted on May 27, 2012


I was coming out of a personal funk state and wanted to change… so I signed up for a half-marathon. It doesn’t make sense in a simple sentence but it does once you learn the story. Maybe one day I’ll write the full deal, it’s not really that interesting.  For now we’ll keep it at ‘personal funk’.

So my words of advice (after conquering my own limited thinking) are very simple… If you want to change, you have to be bold about it.  Be bold with your challenges.  Be bold with how you want to be and create a standard for yourself.

Even if it seems really tough, challenge yourself.  It will certainly make you cringe in the beginning, getting out of the comfort zone is UN-comfortable.  (Makes sense, right?)  However, in the end, you’ll see yourself rise to the occasion.  The feeling of completing something you doubted in the beginning pops your own lid and vision of what you can create.  Become better because you’re worth it!  Liberate your thinking and become more than you imagined.

You never know the sights you’ll see when you decide to run for a change!

Be good to your mind and body; run a little, or a lot!  View of Queens Bridge from FDR Running Path

I personally couldn’t run four miles seven weeks prior to my half-marathon… In seven weeks everything changed.  I was able to complete my 13.1miles straight without stopping and hit my goal of under 10minute average mile.  Now I’m running for fun… not really.  Running has become a self-reminder in personal development with my time, my speed, my agility, and cleansing the mind.  You feel good when you’re good to yourself, and you take that feeling into your everyday life.  I notice something new in this beautiful New York City every time I lace my shoes up.  Running isn’t about running anymore, it’s about becoming.  My initial bold decision is all what it took to get into the right path.  What bold decisions have you been wanting to make, but are reluctant!? Like Nike says, just do it! You’ll love yourself more for it.


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