NY Wine & Food Festival

Posted on October 3, 2011


Today I had the privilege of attending the NY Wine and Food Festival… and WOW!! I had never attended one before, and trust me, it is everything you might think it to be.  A day full of unlimited wine sampling, food sampling, and watching your favorite Food Network chefs on stage sharing trade secrets.  Yes… Heaven on earth 😉 This is not a Growing|Slim event, in terms of the calorie control, but by far is a simple joy to life.  There is nothing better than sharing amazing food, with good friends.  I can definitely say I’ll never forget the experience.  That is why, if you can go… make the investment to spend a day at a function of this type, and bring great friends with similar tastes with you.

I was a woman on a mission.  I was definitely out to taste the world… and I did.  From Rose Champagnes to Single Malt Whiskeys, to Moonshine, to Sliders, to Salad, and desserts, I was learning so much about my taste-buds.  It was a new taste of wine paired with a great bite size of ‘something.’  In general tTastings are available for you to see what you like, and adventurously try new flavors you might be scared to order at a restaurant. I took fun in playing with the mystery of unknown foods.  You’re not meant to like every wine… however by  trying many types, you are far closer to knowing what you like.  This is precisely why I think ‘Tasting’ events are in line with the  Growing|Slim philosophy… the better you know what you like, the better you know what you DON’T.

I learned how Single Malt whiskey is not my thing… I totally appreciate an aged whiskey far more.  I really like Coconut Rums, but the Pearls Cucumber Rum was quite delicious as well.  I fell in love with Bertolli’s Wild Mushroom Ravioli, the oysters from Hudson River Cafe, and the Potato Soup and Chive Sauce.  I would have never imagined Potato Soup to be so delicious.  I ate so much food, I can’t possibly remember everything…but I do know I walked away full and happy.

If you ever see this event in your local town, make it a point to go… you’ll absolutely love it.

Bon Appetit!


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