Healthy Living

Posted on September 13, 2011


Healthy Living is our philosophy in balancing the three most important aspects about being healthy. Balancing these three components will provide you with natural energy, stronger immune system, physical strength, and longevity (to name a few). By living in harmony balancing three critical areas: Food Intake, Exercise, and Nutrition, we can achieve Healthy Living.

What do I mean by Food Intake?  I’m talking about counting calories.  We each have a metabolism, which in simple terms is how many calories we require in order to help our body function.  Whatever the # may be, if you eat over, you have excess calories you store and don’t use, if you under-eat you burn stored calories to make up the difference.  Depending on your goal, you will have to decide what your calorie intake should be on a daily basis.

Exercise is very important.  It helps our blood circulation, strength, longevity, even our mind.  People who workout tend to be happier people.  I find that exercising helps mellow me out.  If I’m dissatisfied with something, even myself, exercising helps turn my mindset.  There is a therapy to being proactive in your body, and exercise is truly a way to be good to yourself.  Doctors recommend 30 minutes of excercise 3-4 times a week.

Last but not least, nutrition is extremely important to healthy living.  You can watch your calories, and get your exercise, but your body requires certain nutrition before it begins to breakdown. How often do we hear people who ‘look’ completely fine develop diseases and suffer from heart attacks and diabetes?  Just because you ‘look’ okay, doesn’t mean you are okay.  Your body relies on balance of all functions, and if you neglect any particular area the balance is disrupted.

So how do you do it?  Schedule your exercise, and make conscious decisions in what you’re putting into your mouth.  Make sure it’s not only going to soothe your hunger, but confirm it has good nutrition.  Most importantly Healthy Living is a personal commitment of worth and understanding you’re worth having a great physical life, longevity and all that comes with being good to yourself. 

Please feel free to share how you actively balance a life of ‘Healthy Living’ in the comments below…

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