9|11: Our Duty to Live

Posted on September 11, 2011


9|11 has a way of making your voice still quiver.

After 10 years, the cries of desperation have turned silent to the ear, but still roar within our hearts.  Smells, sirens, soaring smoke, no life witnessing this tragedy either by radio or tv or in plain view can forget the fear injected in our bones.  We have gone through 10 years, yet it feels like a blink of an eye.  Visiting the chapel still standing, seeing the Freedom Tower grow inch by inch… we remember that although much has been lost with the destruction of the twin towers, we still stand, and still live.  It is our duty as witnesses to live an honorable, strong, and full-filled life.  It is easy to be unhappy, look at the negative, and not challenge ourselves to become great, but it is our duty to do the opposite.  By overcoming such struggle, we live a testament of Freedom that people throughout the world often envy, and so many take for granted.  We are the future, and we will live a life worth living.

A radio commercial said, “The best of humanity can overcome the worst of hate.”  I firmly believe we can become the best by growing slim, and not only remembering who we are at the core, but choosing to take action and live in constant progression growing into our simple, truest nature.

9|11 United We Stand in the progression of an amazing country and our civic duty to live a life with pride for what we represent.

“It will be said of us that we kept the faith, that we took a painful blow and emerged stronger.”

— President Barack Obama, speaking Sunday night at a memorial at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.