SNAFU…with a side of Popcorn

Posted on May 30, 2011


SNAFU in Midtown East is great.

Workmates lounge in plush chairs beside velvet curtains, antique mirrors, soft couches, fireplace, and cool posters (not to mention the three flat screens). It definitely has the feel of a dive bar, yet there were a bunch of guys in suits walking around. I must admit; this is the first place in NYC where I have seen more men than women hanging out in one place. I come to find out that most of the “suited men” at SNAFU are celebratory bankers from the nearby JP Morgan building; not bad.

It is definitely a great place for happy hour during the week; Emilia and I went on a Wednesday at around 7pm. How did I end up at SNAFU on a Wednesday? Great question! I was on a potential “date” and asked Emilia to meet me somewhere in Midtown East for a quick girly drink before meeting with my “date.” Long story short, it was nothing short of horrible! I’ll keep the details for another future entry in our “dating” section of our blog. The drinks were great! $5 mojitos (who can complain?); I tried the mango and Emi tried the raspberry- both were beyond delicious. We both had about four each- they were no where near as destructive (alcohol wise) as in other places; nevertheless, they did have their “kick.” Our server was very sweet and attentive and was causing quite a sensation with her booty shorts and tank; but hey! to each its own. Overall, I give the place a high five- the place is cute, discreet and the drinks pretty affordable- let me not forget the free popcorn and the super friendly staff! Definitely a place to check out!