Miss Favela (Williamsburg, BK)

Posted on May 22, 2011


So I’m not supposed to write about non Manhattan spots…but this experience was an amazing treat!  Like I’ve written about in many entries, I hung out with my Brazilian sister from another lifetime “Erikinha” and we ate the world!!  A friend of a friend of a friend told us about this lil spot that had live music, futbol (liga brasileira), amazing food, and a total escape from NYC into a Brazilian eatery on the beaches of Ipanema… this my friends was Miss Favela.

The food was delicious… and I don’t say because I was hungry at the time. I say it because it’s authentic brazilian coixinhas and yucca and steak and fish, the list goes on.  The food is definitely not for anyone on a diet, because its so good you’ll want to order again.  The drinks are made with authentic Cachaca from Brazil.  They offer several different blended drinks with their sugar cane liquor… and they are all yummy.  Erika and I were total Foodies and had one of each Batido they offered along with 4 different appetizers and other foods.  Without a care in the world… we enjoyed the drinks, the food, and the LIVE FORRO!

Let me tell you something about Forro.  Every culture has their version of ‘Country’ music.  In Brazil, you have samba, bossa nova, and amongst many many more… the brazil ‘country’ music of Forro.  It’s fun, it’s 2 step, its easy, its alive, and it you truly get a sense of the brazilian culture.  Not to mention they let guests sing songs and they’re awesome. I listen to the singer sing, and I’m like… how can she sing so fast!?

On another note, this is a total 1st date spot, if you want a fun and festive environment. Keep in mind, you might have a lot of people to stare and laugh at.  Especially after the liquor kicks in.  It gets a little loud and people start making up dances… but its all in fun and you never feel awkward, but more like – “WoW! Didn’t see that coming!”  That might help you and your date have a little inside joke 😉

A place where you can be yourself… with food, laughter, good music, and great service… I’ll be making many more trips.

NOTE: The live Forro is only on Sundays from 3-7.