Posted on May 5, 2011


If you’re looking for a perfect after work date spot- then Underbar lounge at the W Hotel in Union Square is the place!! Located steps off of Union Square’s Park Avenue South, the hip, downtown locale is ideal for those of us seeking thrills, chills, hot vibes and divine signature cocktails served up to perfection. I was first introduced to this urban sanctuary by a dear college friend, Kareem Savignon who used to manage it.  Kareem described to Emi and I the fine points of this venue by describing its floating candlelit staircase, private alcoves designed with floor-to-ceiling scarlet red velvet padded walls and plush couches covered in pillows. I must admit I was intrigued by his description of the place and was thrilled to check it out. So on a Thursday night (after work) Emi and I headed to Underbar to check it out. I was impressed by the sophisticated décor; the ambiance was perfect. There were not a lot of people- just couples scattered throughout the place. As I looked around the room and checked out the rest of the place I noticed it was the perfect setting- for a DATE, not for two single ladies like us. Nevertheless, we ordered our Chambord Spritzers (Chambord Vodka, cranberry juice bitters & club soda) and talked business. Aside from business, one thing that kept coming to our conversation was “this is great for a date”- after sipping about two Chambord Spritzers each- we sounded like scratched discs with the “this is a perfect date spot” say. It was about 9pm, so Emi and I decided to take off. We must confess; it’s NOT cheap; average price per drink is $14- so expect a pricey tab. However, Underbar’s smoldering ambiance and layers of sensual, translucent curtains, flickering candlelight and glowing back lit bar were worth the tab ($68 plus 20% tip- about $80 for 4 drinks). I recently went on an amazing date with super cool guy, artsy guy.  He asked me to pick the place and the first place that came to mind was UNDERBAR!! He had never heard of this place and absolutely loved it! The music was good- on this particular night the DJ played music from the 80s (all of which my date knew by heart- and sang them along). I had a GREAT time. So, no matter what you are looking for -wild and crazy or soft and sensual, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.