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Posted on April 15, 2011


I’ve had many projects in the past, and below is one of my most recent projects where we got some exposure on  Thanks to for showcasing the Mission Remission campaign on your website.  We are truly truly grateful for all the support as we work together and support cancer survivors.

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by Danita Dyess (Out Impact on FacebookOut Impact on Twitter)

The statistics are daunting.  According to Fitin2Remission’s website,   1 out of every 2 men and 1 out of every 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime.  Therefore, someone you know will be afflicted with the disease.  However, the good news is that due to early detection, advances in medicine, and state-of-the-art technology, the survival rate has dramatically increased.  But, what happens to the survivors after they return home to a “normal” life?  What kind of assistance is given to these former patients as they transition back to work and their day-to-day routines?   We spoke with Brian Plante and Emi Cerrillo, founders of  Fitin2Remission and the Support Mission Remission Campaign.

Danita Dyess:    Why did you decide to use the Young Money E-Book, a book that describes “the actions that are critical when raising children so they grow up with the correct philosophies about money, entrepreneurship, and networking” as the primary source to raise funds?

Emi Cerrillo:    It was really Brian’s idea.  After attending a cancer survivor fundraiser event, he left the event with a longing to help a cause thatEmi Cerrillo, Fitin2Remisson Project truly was an underserved community.  We always talk about three main pillars in the cancer industry — Cancer Research, Cancer Treatment, and Remission/After Cancer.  The first two have always been the focal points, and Brian felt compelled to help the third, and what he thought most important.  At this event, he learned the value of appreciating life and overcoming challenges, and felt like he had a duty to give back to this group of women who truly changed his perspective.  Having a very entrepreneurial background mixed with a series of events (reading books about financial freedom, being a step-dad figure, and wanting to support cancer survivors) in a very humble way decided, ‘I am this spearheaded entrepreneur because of my upbringing, and through this recession, I’ve noticed how people are not confident in their skill or perspective… why am I not like them, why am I not scared?’ And from that original question, is where Young Money came from.  It serves as a two-fold benefit for us.  The book has great material, but at the same time, we’ve tied it into Mission Remission and giving back to the community.  So, truly it was a jump-start for us to create a product where we could not only endorse Brian’s desire to write, but also kick off our campaign.

DD:    What other methods will you use to raise the $1 million?

BP & EC:    Young Money E-Book is something that got us started.  The vision is to have an entire library of not only books, but also videos and products furthering awareness for our cause.  We really want to create a destination page where people can log on and get access to information that will assist them with their survival.  It won’t happen overnight, but the direction is certainly to make Support Mission Remission a “go to” website.  Each product associated through our campaign will serve the purpose of helping us reach our goal of donating $1 million dollars to cancer survivor support groups.

DD:    I did not see the mention of the Susan G. Komen Foundation on your Web site.  Will you be working with that organization?

BP & EC:    We are not affiliated with Susan G. Komen Foundation, but we’re more than happy to collaborate on something in the future if an opportunity arises.

DD:    What has been your biggest obstacle?

BP & EC:    We’ve had two large obstacles, 1) We just launched in early 2011, and 2) We are not cancer survivors.  Like any campaign, it takes time and effort to create the awareness for support.  This will take time to build and it’s a matter of continuing to push and appreciating any interview or conversation we might have to share the mission.  We’ve had a lot of support from friends and family.  However, we are often asked why we chose to support cancer survivors if we are not afflicted with the disease.  This has been a difficult question to answer because we are two advocates who have witnessed a need and want to address it progressively.  We are in communication with cancer survivors in lending us their expertise and collaborating, so we are very excited to tackle the challenges head on, and keep trekking forward.

DD:    After the funds are raised, what will it provide for the cancer survivors (e.g., training, housing, etc.)?

BP & EC:    We are donating the funds to organizations already established like The Empire Dragon Boat Team.  If there is an organization that wants to apply for funds, they can solicit us directly.

DD:    I know that you are using Facebook and Twitter?  How effective have these social media tools been?

BP & EC:    Social Media has been wonderful for us.  We’ve created a very small link in the world of Facebook and Twitter.  If you look for“Remission,” you’ll find us.  ABrian Plante, Fitin2Remisson Projectnd SM has given us the platform to reach people without us doing 100% of the work and that has been great.  We’ve connected with authors and supporters who just like our idea and want to send us a note saying “good job.”  When we get email out of the blue, it definitely makes me want to work harder because it’s a reminder that people are benefiting and we can make a difference.  We see videos go viral for the most ridiculous things; I don’t see why our campaign can’t go viral and help a ton of people in the process.

DD:    I noticed you are a follower of Out Impact.  Does Fitin2Remission have programs that serve the gay community?

BP & EC:    We personally do not have programs that serve the gay community at this given moment, but we are open to anyone.  Cancer is affecting everyone.  We all have a sister, cousin, uncle, co-worker who’s been affected, and unfortunately is becoming more and more common.  This is precisely why we need to support survivors and let them feel remembered as they acclimate back into “normal” life.  They should support systems if they seek, and that’s what Mission Remission is about.

We are very excited about what we have in the pipeline and would love the support of everyone.  We are on and, and open to emails.  We are more than willing to chat with anyone who’s willing to listen.

Help Fitin2Remission reach their goal to raise $1 million within the next two years.  Send a tweet.   Befriend Brian and Emi.  Join the myriad of followers that consists of insurance companies, sports teams, non-profit groups, cancer survivors, and people like you and me.  As Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.”