Liver Stones

Posted on December 7, 2010


I’ve been procrastinating for 4 weeks on taking a cleanse.  The reality is, my lifestyle is full of late night meetings, dinning in NYC and sipping on cranberry splashed beverages (if you catch my drift).  Once the holidays come, its like there’s a reason to celebrate everyday!  My point is I’m never home and between my crazy work projects and rendezvous, I don’t have time to stay home, eat nothing and start my cleanse!  So I did what every busy person would do; I scheduled my cleanse.  Its not that big of a deal, in reality it’s 24hour commitment over night… but that was still hard for me to do.

The night leading up to the magical day 1, I came down with a terrible headache.  I almost used it as an excuse, but I didn’t allow myself to give in and disregard my scheduled Liver Cleanse… so I mopped along.  Feeling sluggish and out of my element, I disconnected from the world and tried to sleep off the pounding sensation in my head.  At 3pm I finished my last meal, a giant salad- Fat free as the liver cleanse instructions stated.  My salad was yummy, but then again, it’s a salad. I was back to hungry about two hours later.  I felt miserable… I had a house full of goodies, but couldn’t have any 😦

Time wore on, I drank the first dose of Liver Prep, and YUCK! OH MAN!  I was not expecting that taste…  I couldn’t believe I had 3 more dosages to go.  Two hours later and  two hours before bed, I took Dose #2.  Again, YUCK!  OH MAN! It tasted worse the second time.  Two hours later again (Bed Time), I followed the instructions and mixed the actual Liver Cleanse formula and drank the entire glass.  This wasn’t as bad as the Liver Prep, but its not something I’ll drink for fun.  Immediately after I laid down in bed on my right side and raised my right knee; again, as instructed.  I fell asleep and off to heavenly dreamland.

The following morning I drank the Liver Prep upon waking up and again 2hrs later (Doses #3 and #4).  I had already started the ‘evacuation’… if you follow me.  Shortly after the final dose of Liver Prep, I really experienced the benefits of torturing my taste buds.  After the entire ordeal, I passed several liver stones.  About one the size of a Quarter and about 15 the size of M&M’s.  This is just from what I looked, I’m sure there was more than that with the amount of times I ‘evacuated’ my toxins.  I was seriously shocked.  I take my vitamins, eat digestive enzymes, drink nutrition shakes… I totally did not expect to see what I did in my stool.

My final thoughts are simple: as torturous as drinking the Liver Prep and Liver Cleanse was for my taste buds, or even spending 24hrs at home was on my schedule, I AM SO HAPPY THE STONES ARE NOT IN MY BODY!!!  I went online to look at liver stones, and I had no idea it was so bad, nor unfortunately so common.  I have heard of Gallstones being painful or another, but I really never knew about Liver Stones.  (This is a perfect example of how the saying ‘what you don’t know can harm you’)

I recommend this to everyone!  We all need to give our Liver a little support with all that we put it through.  Think about the medicine, alcohol, pesticides, hormone injected food we insert through our mouths into our temple called our body.  Did you know its the liver’s role to help detoxify the body, breakdown proteins, produce chemicals for digestion, and there’s no way to live without?  It’s necessary for our well being.  In other words, after all is said and done you might wanna help it out by getting rid of some stones. I know my liver is much happier today than it was 5 days ago 🙂

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